Your journey to financial mastery starts here

What is financial mastery and why is it important?

When you are the master of your finances, you are disciplined and always striving to improve your financial habits. Here are some of the goals of Financial Mastery we’ll help you achieve:

Spend less than you earn

You can’t get ahead if you’re always behind


Pay your bills on time

You won’t have to pay penalties and won’t have to catch up


Have sufficient short-term savings

When an unexpected expense comes up, you’ll be prepared for it


Keep your debt manageable

When you have too much debt, it’s hard to make progress when making monthly minimum payments. Keeping debt manageable will keep you in control, instead of the other way around


Have sufficient long-term savings

This will increase your security and peace-of-mind, knowing that large emergencies can be handled as they arise or large purchases will be easier to attain


Build your credit history

Through good financial behavior such as making payments on time, you may increase your credit score. A prime credit score can enable you to access more affordable credit options


Have appropriate insurance

This can help protect you from unexpected financial changes or other losses


Plan ahead

This can help you reach long-term goals, such as making a down payment on a house or other large purchases and enjoy a comfortable retirement

Benefits of Becoming a Financial Black Belt

You are prepared for financial emergencies like car or appliance repairs
You’re not affected as greatly if you miss a day of work to care for a sick family member
You can prepare financially for vacations or other expenses
You can access more affordable credit and avoid punitive debt cycles
You can enjoy your hobbies and leisure activities with peace of mind knowing your bills are paid
You are able to prepare for your children’s financial future
You are better able to handle medical bills
You can be prepared for a comfortable retirement

Belt System

The NinjaCard® Belt System is designed to reward those who go through the NinjaCard® program. Just as in martial arts, you are rewarded by ranking up as your mastery is demonstrated. You will be rewarded for your work, discipline, and putting your lessons into practice as you advance from White Belt all the way to Black Belt.
You will be rewarded as you rank up with increased savings rewards and access to higher NinjaCard® Line of Credit limits* if you are a NinjaCard® Premier account holder.
Financial Literacy
To work your way through the Belt System, you will go through Ninja Training where you’ll learn the necessary skills and knowledge to make better financial decisions.
Work your way to a prime credit score
NinjaCard® will report your habits such as repayment of your line of credit draws, fee payments, and other behaviors to major credit bureaus. With positive behavior being reported, you can build your credit history. This can help you access more affordable financial products and a wider variety of credit options like a mortgage or an auto loan.Learn more about Belt System

Tools for your Journey

Ninja Training
Ninja Training is a benefit to you that is included with your monthly maintenance fee, and it’s an investment for your future. Here, you will work your way through financial lessons about the four key elements of being a Financial Black Belt: Spend, Save, Borrow, and Plan. By completing the lessons provided in your Ninja Training and other aspects of the Belt System such as savings goals and payment history milestones, you’ll be promoted to the next belt level, starting with White Belt and working your way to Black Belt.
Tenets of a Financial Ninja
As you work your way through the Belt System, you will learn three principals of being a Financial Ninja
  • Sharp Skills Achieving expertise through financial literacy
  • Agility Using your skills to tackle complicated situations
  • Preparedness Having the resources to handle unexpected changes
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