What is the NinjaCard® Belt System?

In martial arts, ranking up through belt levels is how a student’s progression is shown. It rewards them for their hard work, discipline, and putting their lessons into practice. Once they have achieved expertise throughout these lessons, they reach the highest rank - Black Belt.
The NinjaCard® Belt System was also designed to reward those who go through the NinjaCard® program. You progress through the system by meeting milestones such as various savings goals being met, fees being paid on time, and taking our financial literacy classes.
As you demonstrate the growth of your financial knowledge with discipline and mastery over your financial habits, you will work your way from White Belt all the way to Black Belt. One goal for the NinjaCard® program is to give you a better understanding of your personal finances and how your behavior affects your financial health, while also building your credit history by reporting payments.
You will be promoted to Black Belt after completing all of the previous financial literacy courses and meeting savings goals, payment history milestones, and learning about other beneficial topics. Here, you may be rewarded with access to credit with better interest rates, a wider offering of credit products available to you, and you will pay no maintenance fees on your checking and savings accounts.

How do you get to Black Belt?

Let’s take a look at the other belts and the steps along the way:
White Belt
Welcome to White Belt!
  • We’re happy that you’re a part of the NinjaCard® family!
White Belt Benefits
  • Up to $500 line of credit*
Ninja Training
  • Healthy Spending Habits
When first starting the NinjaCard® program, you enter as a White Belt. In martial arts, the White Belt is worn by beginners. The white represents a fresh start or the birth of a new seed. This is where your financial mastery journey begins and we’ll build on what you already know and show you how to become the true master of your finances. Here, your monthly maintenance fee is $19.99 and you may qualify for a $500 NinjaCard® Line of Credit*. Your financial enlightenment journey will begin with your Ninja Training - courses based on healthy spending habits and spending less than your income.
Yellow Belt
Required Skills to Rank up to Yellow Belt
  • Set up direct deposit
Yellow Belt Benefits
  • $10 Savings Reward**
  • Up to $1,000 line of credit *
Ninja Training
  • On-time bill payments
The Yellow Belt symbolizes the sun as it warms the seed. This warmth allows for a healthy growth environment. The next step for financial growth within the NinjaCard® program is setting up your direct deposit, at which point you will advance to Yellow Belt. At this rank, you can start earning savings rewards that will be automatically deposited into your savings account as long as your accounts are in good standing. You may be eligible for a line of credit increase as well*. Paying your bills on time will be the focus of the Yellow Belt Ninja Training.
Orange Belt
Required Skills to Rank up to Orange Belt
  • $100 savings
Orange Belt Benefits
  • $10 Savings Reward**
  • Up to $1,500 line of credit*
Ninja Training
  • Savings
After a seed is planted, the sun continues to warm it and strengthen it to prepare it for the new growth. The same could be said for you as a NinjaCard® program participant. The seed was planted and now you’re ready to absorb knowledge and let the sun warm you as you start to grow. Once you have completed the required Ninja Training from Yellow Belt and have begun to accumulate savings, you will be promoted to Orange Belt. At this level, you may be eligible for up to $1,500 from the NinjaCard® Line of Credit, while still earning your savings rewards. In these lessons, you’ll learn why accumulating those savings is so important. To understand why this particular subject is so important, you should know that in May of 2022, the Federal Reserve released its annual report on the Economic Well-Being of U.S. Households. This study revealed that a third of those who responded to the survey would not be able to cover a $400 emergency expense. We want to help get you to $400 in savings to help cover those emergencies when they arise.
Green Belt
Required Skills to Rank up to Green Belt
  • $200 savings
  • 6 Months of On-Time Payments
Green Belt Benefits
  • Savings Reward Increase to $12**
  • Up to $2,000 line of credit*
Ninja Training
  • Manage Debt
You’re now beginning to hone your skills and are becoming stronger in your approach to finances, just as the sprouting seed does as its roots and stems grow. Reach $200 in savings, and you’ll achieve Green Belt. At this rank, you’ll focus on making on-time bill payments for six months and learn about the art of having manageable debt. As an added incentive to continue your Ninja Training, you’ll increase your savings reward**, so you’ll reach your goals even faster. You may also be eligible for a NinjaCard® Line of Credit increase of up to $2,000*.
Blue Belt
Required Skills to Rank up to Blue Belt
  • $300 savings
  • 12 Months of On-Time Payments
Blue Belt Benefits
  • $12 Savings Reward**
  • Up to $2,000 line of credit*
Ninja Training
  • Long Term Savings
  • Big Ticket Purchases
The Blue Belt represents the plant beginning to reach the sky, and the confidence you’re building and the knowledge you now possess so that you can be sure you’re taking the correct steps and following the right path with your finances. You’re beginning to recognize when you should change a money habit or other behavior that isn’t beneficial to your long-term financial health. Once you’ve accomplished the previous Ninja Training and have had twelve months of on-time bill payments, you’ll reach the Blue Belt rank. At this level, you will receive a $12 savings reward and may be eligible for up to $2,000 line of credit*. Your courses will cover sufficient long-term savings, making purchases for larger ticket items.
Purple Belt
Required Skills to Rank up to Purple Belt
  • $400 savings
  • 18 Months of On-Time Payments
Purple Belt Benefits
  • Savings Reward Increase to $15**
  • Up to $2,500 line of credit*
Ninja Training
  • Prime Credit Scores
  • Investing
Purple Belt holders now have an understanding of what is required to reach the highest ranks. You’re now at an advanced level in your Ninja Training, just as a plant that is maturing is now stronger. With eighteen months of on-time bill payments, you’ll unlock the Purple Belt level and increase your savings reward**, while learning about working toward a prime credit score and how to start investing. At this level, you will receive a $15 savings reward and may be eligible for up to $2,500 line of credit*.
Brown Belt
Required Skills to Rank up to Brown Belt
  • FICO Score 660+
  • 24 Months of On-Time Payments
Brown Belt Benefits
  • $15 Savings Reward**
  • Up to $3,000 line of credit*
Ninja Training
  • Insurance
  • Protecting your investments
You’ve come so far from where you started as a White Belt! At Brown Belt you can appreciate all of the effort and work you’ve put into your financial health. Here, the plant is fully grown and ready for the harvest. Your dedication will now really start to pay off. After twenty-four months of on-time bill payments, and reaching a credit score of 660+, you’ll rank up to Brown Belt. You may also increase your NinjaCard® Line of Credit to up to $3,000*. You’ll be learning about having appropriate insurance at this level, along with protecting your investments.
Black Belt
Required Skills to Rank up to Black Belt
  • 36 Months of On-Time Payments
Black Belt Benefits
  • $0 maintenance Fee
  • Up to $3,000 line of credit*
Ninja Training
  • Planning Ahead Financially
When you reach the coveted Black Belt status, you will then know how to have full control over your finances and possess the knowledge needed to be successful with your future finances. We gave you a preview of what Black Belt status means for you earlier, but here are a few more details of what you have to look forward to at the end of your journey. You will reach this master status after thirty-six months of on-time bill payments and obtaining appropriate insurance. Here you will pay no maintenance fees on your account. You will continue to learn how to plan ahead financially and reap the benefits of all you’ve learned about saving money, spending less than your income, and how a positive payment history and other factors can lead to a better credit score and rates from other lenders.

Ready to start your Ninja Training?to enter the Dojo!

All NinjaCard® customers are eligible for the belt program and rewards.
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